Already in the seventeenth century there was a vast garden that the Festi Counts of Braunfeld then sold to the family of the Counts of Lodron…

The Origins

At the beginning of the seventeenth century, a large garden flanked by a building that the Festi Counts of Braunfeld then sold to the family of the Counts of Lodron extended over the large space in which the park stands. Little is known about the appearance of that ancient garden. An eighteenth-century print shows it largely occupied by a vineyard cultivated in regular rows with the vines arranged horizontally with respect to the slope and crossed in the center by a long tree-lined avenue that led to the belvedere. In July 1806 the Lodrons sold the palace with the adjoining garden and the lemon greenhouse to Sigismondo de Moll, an illustrious statesman interested in botany who, having retired to his property, dedicated himself to the creation of a large park adjacent to the palace with the help of the collaboration of the architects behind the gardens of Schönbrunn in Vienna.

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From Sigismondo de Moll to the Marquis Guerrieri Gonzaga…

Sigismondo de Moll was a man of culture who knew how to infuse the typical elements of Romanticism into his project, thus giving life to a park as a place of beauty and the sublime, where it was possible to walk cultivating the thoughts and emotions of the human soul. . On his death, the property passed to his children, then to his grandchildren until it reached Baron Leopoldo de Moll in the twentieth century who had married Beatrice Guerrieri Gonzaga and moved with her to Villa Lagarina. On his death the property passed to his wife who looked after it with competence and devotion.

…up to the present day.

Beatrice de Moll’s brother, the Marquis Tullo Guerrieri Gonzaga, had married Gemma de Gresti originally from San Leonardo, a village in southern Trentino now famous for the production of her excellent wines. From the marriage was born Anselmo who, on the death of his aunt Beatrice, had inherited the property of Villa Lagarina to take care of it with the respect and passion that he then passed on to his children Maria Gemma, Tullo and Carlo.

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